At the age of 12 years old, and facing some mobility issues, Boris was dumped at a shelter in South Texas by his owners. Lying on the cold concrete floor he was a picture of total dejection and sadness. German Shepherds are so intelligent and bond so tightly and completely with their owners that they typically do poorly in a shelter environment. Boris was no exception. Thanks to our amazing team of volunteers across Texas we were able to get him out of there and into an emergency vet for treatment and stabilization. The number one issue Boris is currently facing is that the veterinarian believes he has degenerative myelopathy (DM). This is an incurable condition common to German Shepherds that will slowly progress and severely impact his mobility. Boris cannot get up, stand, or walk by himself. He is able to drag himself around a little bit (less than 6 feet generally). Foster mom uses a full harness that he wears all day so she can get him up. He needs full support of his backend if he is going to stand or walk. Boris is house trained and will bark when he wants to get up and go outside to do his business. He is bright and alert and so happy to be out of the shelter. He is a total heartbreaker and everyone that has met him thus far has fallen instantly in love. We believe that Boris would be a good candidate for a doggie wheelchair to support his hindquarters since his front legs appear to be strong. Boris still has a few miles left in his bones and he’s looking for a very special home to start his second life.   For more pictures and information on Boris, check out his page here: