Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is just a wonderful old dog. He is kind, easy going and very sweet. He came into an animal shelter in Kentucky on 7/8 very thin but since he has been able to eat regularly he has been able to gain some weight.

Charlie is slow and easy & he likes to be taken out of the kennel. He loves to go for walks outside & is pretty good about walking on a leash. He perks up when he meets other dogs and would likely enjoy having a calm and settled friend. Charlie takes treats gently and loves them. When going back in his kennel, he’s learned he will get a treat. If the treat isn’t given immediately, he’ll stick his nose in your hand to remind you he’s earned one.

Charlie loves his bed and really likes having a blanket on his bed, in fact he gets excited when he’s brought a new clean blanket. Charlie seems to be pretty well housebroken but would be better if he wasn’t kenneled so long at a time. He has most likely lived outside most his life but he’s gotten used to being inside, he enjoys being pampered and is taking to being a pet well.

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