In Memory of…

Donations in memory of a loved one are a beautiful way to commemorate their life. This page celebrates the lives of those that have left us too soon.  Flowers brighten our lives for only a moment, but the work of those who rescue unwanted and broken animals brighten the lives of their new owners for a lifetime. Through the generous donations of their friends and family, NorthStar Pet Rescue can continue its work helping animals in need.  Every time a donation is made to NorthStar in memory of a loved one, we will add a memory tile to this page.

Chrislee Anne Carnahan
In Memory of Chrislee Anne Carnahan
Dolores M. Shepard
In Memory of Dolores M Shepard
Phyllis E McGrath
In Memory of Phyllis E McGrath
Theresa Ann D′Angiolillo
In Memory of Theresa Ann D’Angiolillo
Barbara Flanagan
In Memory of Barbara Flanagan
Dr Stuart S. Gutman
1935 – 2018
In Memory of Dr Stuart S. Gutman
Kara Kelly
1971 – 2018
In Memory of Kara Kelly
Peter W. Smith
In Memory of Peter W. Smith
Joan A Thumm
In Memory of Joan A Thumm
Jane Mendello
1/25/1936 – 4/8/2018
In Memory of Jane Mendello
Gladys J. Smith
6/7/1943 – 4/22/2018
In Memory of Gladys J. Smith
Ryan Lucas
In Memory of Ryan Lucas
Barbara T. Moro
1942 – 2018
In Memory of Barbara T. Moro