Ash is a year-old Belgian Malinois mix. Like any puppy, she needs to learn her manners and what is expected of her. She does sits nicely whenever the possibility of a treat comes around and also sits and waits for her meals to be served. She has even taught herself to go to the door when she has to go out. Don’t worry, if you’re not around to see it, she’ll give you a verbal warning. Ash is housebroken and kennel trained, although she prefers a treat or two when entering her kennel.

Ash is super sweet and affectionate. She is quick to bond with her human and is a master cuddler and leaner. She is very curious and will want to follow you everywhere you go and watch everything you do. She is a bit of a nervous nelly when it comes to meeting new people and, in true Malinois fashion, she tends to be vocal about her fear. She needs a human who will be understanding and patient with her when it comes to introducing visitors and new friends. Dog introductions should be conducted slowly as well.

Ash takes a few days to warm up to her new environment but once she does, her personality shines through. She can run all day in the yard with her furry foster siblings or crash just about anywhere when it’s time to wind down. She loves any and all kinds of toys and will throw them around all by herself. She is an awesome puppy that would bring heaps of love and energy to anyone willing to adopt her.

After being rescued from a Texas shelter, NorthStar discovered that Ash has a severe congenital deformity that will lead to congestive heart failure. She will need to be monitored closely for any symptoms (exercise intolerance, coughing, shortness of breath). She is currently on medication for her condition and seeking the care of a cardiologist is recommended. Unfortunately, Ash’s longevity will be affected and the doctors feel that she will most likely not reach the age of 5 years. When NorthStar rescued Ash, we never expected that she would have such a short life but we are determined to make what time she has left the best we can. Ash is looking for a very special adopter who will love this sweet girl and give her the care she needs for the rest of her life.

If Ash’s story has touched your heart and you would like to give this girl a loving home, please fill out an application at & be sure to ask for ASH TX.

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