Hi! My name is Emmaline! I appear to be a purebred German Shepherd and I was surrendered to a shelter in Kentucky in horrible condition. I was infested with fleas and extremely dehydrated. It is evident that I was heavily bred throughout my life, too.

After being rescued, I had major surgery to remove multiple mammary tumors and I am still in need of an additional surgery to remove the remaining tumors. You see, life has not been very easy for me…well, until now! Things are finally looking up! I am in a loving foster home in NJ and they are taking great care of me! Despite all the hard times I have gone through, I have remained a sweet, outgoing, active girl. Everyone tells me I have a wonderful personality. I really love people and will make a great and loyal companion to the person lucky enough to swoop me up.

I lived with other dogs in my Kentucky home but clearly by the condition I was left at the shelter in, that environment was not a good one. So going forward, I would really prefer to be the only dog in my new home. After all I have been through I deserve to be the Queen Bee this time around! They tell me I am 10 years old but you know what I say to that, 10 is the new 2! Yup, I have a lot of life and love left to give. Hmmm, now who I am going to give it to? Perhaps, YOU?

If you’d like to meet Emma, please fill out an application & be sure to mention her name, EMMALINE KY!

More pictures of Emmaline can be found on her profile page.