NorthStar Pet Rescue – Adoption Application

Instructions: Wow, this is long!

Rescues are often asked, “Why is your adoption application so long, and why are there so many ‘intrusive’ questions? There are many reasons for this. One is the lifetime commitment we make to any dog in our care. Many of the animals we rescue have been through traumatic events. Some have been abandoned by their owners through no fault of their own; others have long suffered painful medical issues, only healed through the love of their fosters in Texas and in New Jersey and financed by the generosity of donors. We owe it to any dog we take in, and to the village of people standing behind him or her, to find the perfect forever home. That’s where you come in. By the time your new pet reaches you, many hands have helped and many hearts have been broken across the 1500 miles or more your pet may have journeyed. We want your home to be the last stop, the forever home. To do that, we want to make sure we make the right match, one that will last a lifetime. The questions in this application will help us do that.

Please complete all questions on the below form that are marked with a red asterisk before submitting the application. After submitting the application, please be patient. Just like everyone else in the organization, the people processing your application are volunteers. We will process your application as quickly as we can. A dog listed on one of the major adoption portals (Petfinder, etc) may no longer be available due to the way pets are pushed to these sites from our database. We strive to keep our database up to date, but sometimes there is a delay in marking dogs that have been adopted as “adopted” in the system.

NOTE: This application must be completed by the person adopting the dog