My name is Reba and according to my foster mom I am a big, goofy, lovable mush!  They say I’m about 10 years old, but I don’t act it!  I have a huge head full of soft fur, extra large ears and extra extra large jowls.  I am a drooler, especially after I drink water – my foster mom says I need a bib!

When I’m outside my hound nose is in its glory –  I love to stop and smell the roses and the blades of grass, and the leaves on the trees and the scents on the breeze, and well, you get the picture.  I love all humans, but due to my large size (I weigh 75 pounds) and goofy nature I would not be good for a family with small children.

I would love a home with a fenced-in yard to run around in with some older kids or maybe a fur sibling around my size to play with.  I’m not a big fan of small dogs or cats.  As a hound, I have a pretty big prey drive and will chase birds. squirrels and rabbits when I’m outside.  I am good on a leash, but I am strong and will pull if I see something interesting that I want to check out more closely.

I am housebroken and crate trained, though I get lonely in my crate and sometimes howl for a bit when I’m first left, but then I settle in for a nice nap.  I love car rides and absolutely adore stuffed toys especially the kind that make noise.  I prefer a nice comfy dog bed to my humans’ bed, but love to share the couch with them in the evening for some cuddles.  My foster mom calls me a Velcro dog because I like to be wherever she is.  My favorite pastimes aside from being outside are looking out the window, napping, and being with my humans.  I am very sweet and just want to be loved, are you the right family for me?

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