Mighty Mouse

This sweet little 1 1/2 year old Shiba Inu/Shepherd mix might only weigh under 30 pounds but she has the fight of giant! She will save the day while warming your heart on the way!

Mighty Mouse survived the unprecedented freezing temperature crisis that occurred in Texas this past winter all while being injured. It is believed that she sustained her injuries shortly after going missing from her home. She was found 3 months after she was reported missing. This means that this poor girl was “walking” around injured for nearly 3 months. We say “walking” but we really mean dragging; this was evident from the road rash she had on the tops of her feet. Due to the injuries, and the cost to treat them, her owners surrendered her to the animal shelter.

Mighty Mouse was found with what was at first thought to be two broken legs. The veterinarian discovered that she had bullet fragments in her thoracic spine. This caused the partial paralysis, but she does have some feeling and reflex in her hind legs. Considering the severity of the injuries, Mighty Mouse has decent bowel and bladder control. The shelter ended up putting her in a sling so she could get around a bit easier. Well, in the sling, she was off to the races! Mighty Mouse ran all over the shelter, dragging the staff behind her, all while staying upright!

Mighty Mouse is now in a loving foster home and got her wheels so she is on the move now! She has a great appetite and is slowly putting on weight and should eventually be around 40 pounds. She is really coming out of her shell, and her sweet happy personality has began to really shine!

Mighty Mouse is looking for a superhero family to step up and help her continue her super hero ways! She has been through so much and deserves a loving, safe, and understanding forever home to so she can continue to bloom.

Learn more about Mighty Mouse, and view additional photos and videos, at: https://www.northstarpets.org/singlepet/?animalID=16597317