We first saw Reacher in a shelter after he was rescued from a hoarding situation in a small rural town in southern Texas. He was healthy, but it was clear that he had not had much contact with humans. He cowered in the corner of his run, trying his hardest to be invisible, but one of our amazing Texas fosters saw his potential and he became one of the lucky dogs to get a second chance!

After weeks of hard work and trust-building, Reacher’s Texas foster sent him north to find his forever family. He has come a long way in the past few months and is now looking for a loving and patient forever home where he can continue to move forward at his own pace and become his best self.

Reacher is house trained, comes when he is called, and relies on his foster siblings to teach him “how to dog.” His crate is his happy place but he does not like to be confined, so the crate door is always open. He is free to roam the house when left alone and has never gotten into any trouble.

Reacher is loving life as part of a family and welcomes affection from people he knows. He remains skittish with strangers but has made significant progress and is more relaxed around visitors every day. He is learning how to walk on a leash but is easily startled by sudden loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, sirens, and car horns, so a neighborhood jaunt is not on his agenda just yet.

Adding Reacher to your family will require some extra time and effort, but the rewards that come with earning the trust of a dog like him cannot be matched. His forever family MUST have at least one friendly and confident dog to teach him the ropes, consistent human companionship, and a stable, predictable routine. Reacher must also have a securely fenced-in backyard as he is considered a flight risk. It would probably be best for him to be leash-walked to insure his safety.

If you think you could be Reacher’s forever family, please fill out an adoption application & be sure to mention his name, REACHER TX!

For more pictures and video of Reacher visit his page.