Meet Luria! This little girl ended up at south Texas shelter with a serious wound on her backside and some kind of issue with her hip/leg. Due to her sad condition, the shelter was going to euthanize her on intake, but one of the workers saw how happy and sweet she was and put out a plea for rescue. Even though her injury was shocking, NorthStar saw her potential and got her out of the shelter and to an emergency vet on the same day.

Since going into foster, Luria has flourished! Since she is only about a year old, her horrific wound has healed quickly and she fit right in with the foster’s pack of dogs. She is happy, playful, and full of life. It looks like she was probably hit by a car at least once, which caused the injury to her hip and leg. Since she never received medical care for that, the bones did not heal in alignment. After reviewing the xrays, the veterinarian said that she should be fine with her leg as it is for the rest of her life. She does use it most of the time, but will hold it up off the ground when she runs.

Luria would do great in just about any home. Her story is sad like so many dogs that lived without proper care or love for parts of their lives, but her eyes shine bright and her past is behind her. Won’t you be part of her second life?