Ms Bea

Ms Bea

Last May Ms. Bea ended up in a shelter in Texas as part of a seizure case along with 11 other dogs. When the court finally severed ties to the original owner and awarded ownership to the shelter, we were able to rescue Ms, Bea and bring her into our care.

Ms. Bea is an incredibly sweet 12-year-old Terrier/Yorkie mix. You wouldn’t know her age by the pep in this gal’s step though! Bea does very well in a crate – she walks great on leash and loves puppies along with her best friend, a Mommy Pitty.

Ms. Bea came from a house of filth and violence. When she came to the shelter, she had ulcerated mammaries but she will be having surgery on them in September as well as having one of her eyes removed. She also has a grade 4 heart murmur. Sadly, Ms Bea has suffered much neglect at the hands of her former owner but we are committed to helping her deal with her health issues and help her find her happily ever after. And to meet her, you’d never know she had such a sad back story! She is a very happy, sweet, friendly girl!

Ms. Bea will be coming to NJ to start a beautiful new life. We have promised to help her find a wonderful new home with people who will show her how great things can be with the right people in the right environment!

Learn  more about Ms Bea at, you can view more photos and videos of her there too!