Meet Davina! We found Davina in terrible condition in a shelter in South Texas. Suffering from a bad case of easily treatable mange, she had large patches of fur missing and the fur that was there, was dry and flakey. She was just itchy and miserable and waiting for someone to take her out of there and give her some love. Fortunately we have a network of fosters who are very experienced in taking these “Diamonds in the Ruff” and fixing them right up!

Davina is an approximately 1 year old Shepherd mix. She is absolutely as sweet as can be. She loves her foster brother doggie and they spend hours playing tug o war in the backyard with their toys. Davina is gentle and loving with the foster’s children and is fully housetrained. Everyone who meets her, loves her, and the feeling is mutual.

Davina would fit into just about any home situation. Won’t you consider being her forever home?