Buckshot is a sweet older 12-pound boy that is looking for a lap to call his own. He was surrendered to a shelter in Texas due to his owner’s health issues. This boy must have had something bad happen at some point in his life because he needs time to trust people’s hands and also fast motions. Because of this, a home with children is not recommended. Once he trusts that you won’t hurt him, he turns into a lap dog!

Buckshot is mostly housebroken (this Texas boy does not like the snow or freezing cold weather) and will go to the door when he has to potty. He loves sleeping under the covers, being in your lap or arms, and eating “people food”!! He will not tolerate a leash and harness so must have a fenced in yard.

When Buckshot arrived in NJ he had to be rushed to the vet due to breathing issues. Turns out he had a collapsed trachea and needed surgery to correct it. With this he is going to be on a cough medication for the rest of his life. Thankfully this is a pretty inexpensive medication.

For more information, pictures, and video of Buckshot, visit his profile at https://www.northstarpets.org/singlepet/?animalID=16261080