Hi, Human! Thanks for coming to learn about me, Blondie! YES, I’m in the market for a forever home. I’m going to tell you all about myself so please be patient with my self intro…I have quite a bit to say!

I have excellent house manners and can be left alone with self entertainment through the day in your bedroom for 7-8 hours with treats and toys. I’m also not much of a barker at home so yay for brownie points! I love to run crazy circles and chase sticks so a securely fenced-in yard would be perfect, and I can also practice my very important nosework too! I love having your attention and playing with you, but I’m also capable of just chilling around the house if you’re too busy at the moment. However, play is always preferred so if you ignore me for too long, I might remind you to take some play breaks with me!

I love people, but new situations and things will make me nervous so please help me out by guiding me through gentle introductions. I’m very treat-motivated so I do learn quickly with reward-based training. I’m a bit antisocial with my own kind and always think they’re talking about me so I yell back, loudly, which I know isn’t productive but I can’t help myself! I also can’t tell the difference between squirrels and small dogs so I think they’re both edible, which isn’t always appreciated by humans, or small dogs. I’m not super proud of my antisocial ways and the occasional poor judgment, ok? But if you teach me to ignore dogs while out on walks the way I’m learning to ignore them right now through treats and behavior modification, I’d be happy to oblige. I don’t care for dog parks or social gatherings involving other people’s pets either so you don’t ever need to bother with those hip/trendy activities. Ironically, I have met cats and although they intrigue me, I believe I might be able to coexist with one. They are funny little creatures.

Playing Fetch in my own  yard or even cuddling and bingeing Netflix are more my kind of social activities.

If you’re looking for an one-and-only pet, my pretty self may be a good match for you. Please contact my people so we can schedule a meet & greet. Oh, and if you bring treats (mmm chicken…), we might even skip the introductions!

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