Sheldon (Special Needs)

Meet the happiest scared dog you ever knew….Sheldon!

Sheldon came to NorthStar Pet Rescue from an overcrowded Texas kill shelter. At the time, we had little information on him, and he appeared fearful from pictures, but we decided to take the leap and commit to him because his time was up. Our foster in Texas picked him up from the shelter where the shelter workers extracted him from his kennel with a catch-pole (a long metal poll with a wire noose at the end). Needless to say, the experience of being captured as a stray followed by being dragged around roughly by a man with a catch pole emotionally traumatized poor Sheldon. Sheldon was nearly “feral” at the foster’s home for a couple days, but then eventually settled down and the foster was able to gain his trust, put a leash on him, and get him in and out of a crate voluntarily. Her husband could even handle him, though he vastly preferred the women of the house.

Sheldon settled into the foster’s pack of dogs with zero problems. During the day he would run and play with the dogs and come inside at night to sleep in his crate in their bedroom. Eventually the time came for him to be transported to NorthStar so he could find his forever home.

Unfortunately, the trip back to NJ traumatized Sheldon all over again, and he reverted to his previous semi-feral mode. But just like when he arrived in foster in Texas, his New Jersey foster was able to slowly gain his trust, get him leashed up, take him for walks (which he loves) and he became a super happy dog again (though not very trustful of the man of the house).

After a couple months, Sheldon was transferred to our home so that he could learn to bond with someone else and we could work on some more training to help find him a home. Once again, Sheldon reverted to semi-feral mode and once again he learned to trust and love his “girl” while not being entirely accepting of the man of the household.

We have worked with dog trainers and our veterinarian to try and overcome his fear of men, but it appears that the traumatic events that happened to Sheldon in his past have permanently scarred him. We believe that Sheldon CAN find a perfect home. He has SO MANY fantastic qualities that come out once he gains your trust. We say he is the “happiest scared dog you ever knew” because when he feels comfortable he has an incredibly sweet personality that makes you laugh. He gives 1000% of his unconditional love to his “person” and will be the most devoted companion you ever had. He is maybe the BEST dog we have ever had (and there have been a LOT) with respects to his behavior with other dogs. He loves the companionship of other dogs and loves to play “chase” and wrestle. He has made fast friends with every other foster dog we have had come through the door in the 10 months he has been with us – we’ve never seen a dog like him that had that great quality. It’s still baffling to us that he can be so happy with his girl, and so playful and carefree with other dogs, but so unaccepting of men. Sheldon has so much to offer the perfect adopter. Here is what we think the perfect home for Sheldon would be:

A female only home with other dogs. His ideal woman is someone with confidence, patience, and compassion. He will no doubt be extremely fearful at first due to the change in circumstance but after a week or so, he will bond with you and then you will see his true personality come out. We have been involved in rescue for over 11 years and are experts in transitioning harder to adopt dogs to new homes – we’ve found homes for dogs with problems even more severe than Sheldon so we are fully confident we can help him transition to a perfect forever home.

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