From semi-feral, to traumatized, to happiest scared dog, to now a mild-mannered boy with endless possibilities!

Hi there! My name is Sheldon, and there is not enough space on this web page for me to share with you what I’ve been through since I was born. I can tell you my past wasn’t the brightest, but I know there is love for me in the present and hope in my future. Thanks to an entire group of fosters and volunteers who have cared for me since I came to NSPR, I have transformed from a semi-feral dog to one with the skills to adapt to new people and environment. I have a few foster homes I rotate through every so often, to help open my world to new humans and situations. I also attend weekly training and socialization sessions at a trainer’s home to help me learn new skills through love, trust, and companionship of other friendly canines.

I was very fearful of strangers, especially men, and it would take me weeks to get acquainted with new people. Through training, I have shown my friends that I’m capable of warming up to new folks in just a few hours as long as my trainer and her day camp dogs are around to show me the way. I know I do much better when there are friendly canine companions around, who would show me who to trust and how to engage with strangers whom I once feared.

Question is, what kind of home would be most suitable for me? I think one with several friendly canine residents and one or two loving humans with the patience and understanding required to help out a disadvantaged dog like me would be great. My canine companions can reassure me and help me navigate their world, and their humans can work with my fosters and trainer in teaching me how to love them back. I’m very capable of offering undying love to my people…I just need to be given time to blossom!

If you’re up for a challenge and have been looking for a little project to call your own, please reach out to NSPR and ask about me. As my trainer has said, “Sheldon’s not the easiest dog to meet, but anyone with dog experience would be addicted to witnessing the wonderful progress and transformation he makes before one’s eyes!”

For more pictures and lots of videos, please see Sheldon’s page at: