Karlee & Makani – BONDED PAIR

Karlee & Makani were found at their owner’s home after the owner had passed away. Karlee is a beautiful 11-year-old Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel mix while Makani is a handsome 8-year-old white German Shepherd. These sweet senior dogs must be adopted together – they have lost their family & their home & we feel that they need each other for comfort.

Karlee & Makani are now in a wonderful foster home. Here’s what foster mom has told us about them: “These 2 are ridiculously sweet. They will follow you everywhere – except up or down stairs. They love treats and a soft bed. They had no interest in going in my crates to sleep but they slept through the night on their beds. They are great on a leash but they also like exploring the yard. They are quiet and calm. Karlee follows my husband while Makani follows me. They get along well my dog and cats. When I walked in the door from work they both were so excited, they barked!   They are usually so quiet!   It was cute! So far so good with these two. Stairs are the only issue!”

For more info on Karlee and Makani, visit:  https://www.northstarpets.org/singlepet/?animalID=13936242