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Fanta’s Story (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

On our last trip to Texas, NorthStar stopped by the San Marcos shelter where we met some great dogs and brought them into the NorthStar family. The San Marcos shelter is staffed by an amazing group of employees and volunteers who go above and beyond to do everything they can to help the animals in their care. When Fanta arrived, even the shelter workers were shocked at her condition.

Fanta had huge areas of skin torn from multiple areas of her body. It’s always impossible to know how this occurred, but it’s likely was either intentionally dragged behind a car, or got caught under a moving vehicle which caused the extensive road rash. The shelter got her stabilized and reached out to NorthStar for help. We’ve seen a lot, but nothing could prepare us for the photos we received.

Despite her horrific injuries, Fanta never once showed any aggression or fear of humans. Her happy personality amazed everyone she met. As a young dog, we were happy with how quickly she recovered, and the quick and thorough care she received immediately meant her infections cleared quickly.

Fanta came to NJ this month and was adopted out to a pawsome family where she is living her best life. The only reminders of her past in Texas are the scars on her body, now filling in with new white fur. Making a donation this Giving Tuesday means that NorthStar can take on the medical cases and senior dogs that we love with no hesitation; they can always receive the best and immediate medical care available. Won’t you consider helping us so we can help more dogs like Fanta?