Donate cryptocurrency to help pets in need

NorthStar Pet Rescue is excited to announce a partnership with The Giving Block, the #1 cryptocurrency donations platform for charities and universities.  The Giving Block enables verified Nonprofits such as the American Cancer Society, Save the Children, and The United Way Worldwide to safely and easily accept cryptocurrency donations using a secure widget embedded on this page. Donating cryptocurrency to NorthStar via The Giving Block is fast and easy.  You can be assured your donation will be processed safely, immediately converted to fiat currency (USD), and will reach NorthStar nearly immediately where it can be put to use saving more lives.

Start Small....GO BIG!

Interested in donating cryptocurrency to NorthStar?  We can accept many different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Gemini Dollar, Dogecoin, and many others. To donate bitcoin, use the widget on this page, or visit our page at The Giving Block and use the widget there. Start small with a test transaction using the widget.  Upon completion of the transaction, if you provide an email address, you will receive a tax donation receipt email from the Giving Block verifying your donation.  Then….go big and make a bigger donation!  You can of course donate cryptocurrency anonymously to NorthStar via the Giving Block if you so choose.

For any special cryptocurrency donations, including donation of cryptocurrency tokens not supported by The Giving Block, please contact us by email:


Why Donate Cryptocurrency Directly? Taxes!

There’s a reason high net worth individuals tend to donate property instead of cash. Donating cryptocurrency directly to a 501c3 nonprofit is more tax efficient and can save you money.

The IRS classifies cryptocurrency as property for tax purposes which means it is typically the most tax efficient way to support NorthStar Pet Rescue. When donating cryptocurrency, you receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the cryptocurrency, and you also avoid the capital gains taxes incurred if you had sold the crypto and then made a donation. That means you’re able to donate more, as well as deduct more on your tax return. The difference? Sometimes more than 30%.

Tax resources for cryptocurrency donors:


Are you a newly minted hundred-aire or thousand-aire due to the meteoric rise of dogecoin?  Share the wealth and donate some DOGE to NorthStar Pet Rescue to help us with our mission to place the best bois into loving forever homes.